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I really love the imagination that was realized into this... Really wished you expanded this series more, but I know you have larger endeavors now! (Ballpoint Universe? Diluvion?)

Looking forward to more of your work, Mr Dasso. You're an inspiration. :)

Watched this in my bedroom in the dark, on my phone. The visuals were quite a treat, especially while watching it in the dark! Really brought out the whole constellation aesthetic ahah.

I think about everyone mentioned it already, but the pauses were a little too long at times. Is there any reasoning for this? Dynamically, it doesn't really play out well, especially since nothing much really happens in those pauses.

All in all, I loved it. I appreciate the amount of detail on filling the constellation particles on the Geminis! Amazing what you could still do with 2D.

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airman4 responds:

Watching in the dark seems a good idea , i will have that in mind with my next animations !
thanks a lot for the kind words
i'll probably avoid the long pauses xd

i'm going to upload another short film i've made when i was a student , stay tuned !


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This looks incredibly promising! I hope to support the creation of this game sometime, and I'm looking forward to seeing it complete. :)

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I've never been more entertained. I love the dialogue, I love the plot... Really refreshing to see entertaining ol' flash games. Hope you do more of these!

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Glad to see you've posted something again! I admired the artwork in your movies and games, especially Dreams, and I can say the same for this game too!
I do think that there are a lot of things that you could improve here... I know it's just a demo, and you probably have more things up sleeves that you're including, but I think that there a few things that I thought could be improved *as of now*... Such as the movement of the ship; rather than letting it directly just move, you could make it accelerate instead. Also, the background music COULD use a change, but that one is largely my own preference.

Anywhos, hopefully this turns out great! Good luck on the project!

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LordDF responds:

Thanks man! If this project succeeds at market, I'm definitely continuing Feverdream. (story built on the dreams series)

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I hope this review bumps this song back to existence.

Honestly,this is the first song I've ever teared up to upon listening. From that point on, this song was a huge influence to the kind of music I listen to today.

You're a great person Bosa, and you have a beautiful soul for composing this. All the blessings.


Beautiful as always. Thank you for always bringing forth tear-shedding music Bosa!

Bosa responds:

You are welcome!

You're a school teacher now?! What else is new in your life, Sir Bosa?!

I only made this review so I can exclaim to you my curiosity and heartfelt joy for your accomplishments.

Also, dat guitar solo

Bosa responds:

Greetings. I teach sixth grade how to acquire intelligence and character, but not much else is going on in the life of Bosa.

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Nice animation fam (fire emoji) (fire emoji) (fire emoji) (weary face emoji) (weary face emoji) (weary face emoji)

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sylvrn responds:

(thinking emoji)

Color actually makes so much difference. Good stuff dude.
Would love to be on the guy's position atm tbh

Love the whimsical look and the use of colors!
Ink & watercolor always does go well together. :>

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Marcomatic responds:

I am thrilled ye like the combination. It always makes such a difference, especially with presenting work online. Danke mucherly!

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